I grew up in Ontario, Canada and worked as a contract software developer from 1986 through 2006.

In 2003 my wife started a business which had become quite successful and in 2007 I quit my job to work with her.

We made a very good team. I handled the detail oriented… technical, accounting, and finance related tasks freeing her to focus on sales and growing the business.

In October 2014 our business was purchased by a much larger competitor and we both retired.

History of Depression.

In my late thirties I was diagnosed with depression and was on a low dose of anti depression medication. The medication did its job and stabilized my mood but the side effects sucked and I was always concerned about long term use of the drug. In later years I would often go off the drug and try supplementing with herbal remedies and vitamins (more about that in the blog).

Reality Hits.

After the sale of the business I was totally spent. The stress of the negotiations and dealing with the sale was through the roof.

The first six months after the sale were just spent decompressing. Lots of television and video games. It felt like bliss but it was really just the relief of not having to deal with that daily grind.

After this period it slowly began to dawn on me that things we not quite right. The closing of a business does not stop on the day you sign the papers… there are months and years of tax returns and conditions of the sale that must be honored. Each time I was faced with one of these things I would feel my stress level rise and fill me with dread.

I was both bored and had no drive or discipline to do anything about it. I started having anxiety about my health… but again… no drive or discipline to take action to resolve it.

So Here We Are.

It’s now January of 2017 and things have come to a head. Stress on me, and my family is at the point where I must push myself to take action.

After doing a little Internet research one of the tips that resonate with me is that I must find the strength to recreate that structure and schedule that my working life provided. Something to fill an idle mind and body to stop the downward spiral.

I will write about the things I learn and try… and the first of these steps… is this blog.

I want to be clear about my intentions here. I will try to provide useful information that helps others… but the primary goal is my own personal self help.

I am not a medical doctor and will never pretend otherwise. If I present something that works for me I will do my best to cite sources but ultimately readers should consider what I write to be anecdotal and opinion/observation based.

I welcome comments and suggestions and will be thrilled if this helps anyone… but understand that I do this for selfish reasons.